Relax, take it easy


The past weeks have been super busy... No out of office for me, but a load of work to finish before my impromptu mini-break to Mallorca. Yesterday I booked a quick getaway to the Spanish island - the best incentive to keep me going at warp speed for the next 12 days. 
There are other small things that brighten up my days - simple moments that make me happy and can't be bought in a store... My top tips that will bring a smile on your face are...
/getting 8 hours of sleep - or on the weekends: taking a nap
/waking up to the sunshine and blue skies 
/having a girl's night - eating junk food, like the best falafels in A-town or my all-time favourite 'frietjes'
/reading a magazine or the newspaper, without watching the clock
/taking a long, hot shower - using the most deliciously scented bath products (like my favourites ones from &OtherStories)
/going for a cup of coffee, or two...
/getting together with your friends for a movie night - popcorn mandatory
/painting my nails a bright red - for fiery fingers
/kissing, lots of kissing - a great way to kill stress :)

Weekend wanderlust


love the beautiful selfies of Daria for clothing brand Equipmentthis print would look great on my living room wall/ let's go shopping: this boyfriend jeans has my name written all over it/ check out the Carter Family Portrait Gallery - hilarious!/ wouldn't mind a holiday at this waterside cottage near Stockholm/ I'll visit this photography exhibition in Gent next weekend - anyone want to come?/ baking this weekend - this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs

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