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Paris has always had me under it's spell... The grandeur of the buildings, the river Seine meandering through the city, the sparkling lights of the Tour Eiffel, the bistro's with their wicker chairs, the beautiful parks and green balconies, the delicious scent of croissants and baguettes in the morning, the style and elegance of the Parisians and so on... I try to visit my second hometown (or so it feels) at least once a year for a couple of days at a time.

The past years I discovered many favorites in the city and I scribbled them down in my Paris notebook. On this map I share my favourite shops, cafés and eateries with you. Let me know when you visited one - I would love to hear about your experience...

Label love... Jimmy Fairly


Let me introduce you to French brand Jimmy Fairly - a label I discovered during my week in Paris. Searching for a new pair of sunglasses without breaking the bank? Or want another pair of prescription glasses? Look no further! Jimmy Fairley has more than 40 styles of glasses and each one can be made to order with the lenses of your choice. The best part? Each pair costs only € 99! Moreover, for every pair of glasses you buy they give one to someone in need. Cool glasses for cool people as they like to call it...
Visit their shop and try on their different styles if you're in Paris, or shop online. My favourites? The Gene in 'ecaille caramel' or the Saint-Honoré in 'noir antique'.

Rue Vieille du Temple 64

le bloc


When I was invited to visit Cologne by Thalys and Köln Tourismus, I had no idea what to expect. My last visit to the city was more than ten years ago and didn't make a lasting impression. Travelling high-speed by train has been my favourite means of transportation for a while now: Paris, Amsterdam and London are but hours away, I can read or make use of the WiFi, catch glimpses of the changing scenery outside and to top it off - it's better for the environment than taking a plane. So I jumped at the chance to visit Cologne during 'le bloc', a fashion festival in the Belgian Quarter of the city.

The 'Belgische Viertel' consists of a dozen streets where small boutiques and young designers found a home. During 'le bloc'-festival more than 70 shops, bars and galeries open their doors, plus there are fashion shows, pop-up stores, concert and workshops to discover. It felt like all of hip Köln had come out to celebrate - the Brüsseler Platz was packed with young people sharing beers...

Here are a couple of my favourite shops in the Belgian Quarter - check them out if you're in the city:
/Boutique Frau Kayser, Maastrichter Strasse 40-44: gifts, kids toys, accessories and gadgets
/L'éphémère, Maastrichter Strasse 46: clothes by Sessun, accessories and handbags
/Liebling, Limburger Strasse 2B: clothes by Attic and Barn, Mes Demoiselles and Wildfox, vintage fashion, perfumes, accessories and paper goods
/Magasin Populaire, Brüsseler Platz 8: clothes by Sessun, mbym, Animo and more, accessories and shoes
/Boutique Belgique, Brabanter Strasse 29: concept store - clothes, gifts, accessories and beauty 

More on my trip to Cologne coming soon...

La Favorite


Although I visit Paris at least once a year, I still have adressess in my notebook where I haven't been before. La Favorite was one of them. This bistrot is located on the Rue de Rivoli, with a beautiful view of Saint Paul's Church. The décor has a vintage, industrial feel which makes you think of New York. 
Try the 'Omelette de La Favorite' with tomatoes and ham, a galette with salmon or one of the many pizzas and hamburgers on the menu. Drink a coffee on the terrace among the hipsters and tourists, while indulging in my favourite passtime in the city: people watching.

La Favorite, Rue de Rivoli 6

La vie parisienne


The past week I got to call Paris my hometown - a dream come true. Grocery shopping, going to the post office and the florist, ordering a 'café au lait' at the bistro on the corner, sitting on a bench in the park reading - just for a week pretending to live in the city by the Seine. 
Stay tuned for my hotspots in the city: where to go for a good cup of coffee, a delicious lunch,  nice selection of clothes and accessories, afternoon tea and more...

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