How to eat


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The past two weeks were crazy busy. Work, play, projects, birthday celebrations - there were nights that I would sit on my couch, unable to move. My healthy diet got totally ruined - sugary snacks here I come! My absolute low: the night after a bad day at work that my dinner consisted out of a tub of Ben&Jerry's cookie dough ice cream. Needless to say, I can't keep on eating like that. So here are some quick, tasty and healthy alternatives I found...

*jus jus: organic cold-pressed raw juices - perfect for a juice cleanse (check out their tips) or as a vitamin-boost in between meals.
*don't know what to cook? check out this Dutch cooking blog, you can select recipes by indicating which ingredients you have tucked away in your kitchen cupboards or fridge.
*smartmat: no time to go grocery shopping? Get a week menu delivered to your door, you just have to cook it. There's also a veggie and quick&easy menu, so something for all tastes.
*breakfast is the most important meal of the day: discover some delicious breakfast recipes on Lucy's blog or on my all-time favourite breakfast blog.
My ultimate tip: food tastes better when it's shared. So put together a salad, a quick stir-fry or easy pasta dish and invite some friends over. Drink a glass of wine, share something chocolaty for dessert and have a laugh - no better way to beat stress.

Weekend wanderlust


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So happy it's finally friday night, ready for a long weekend... My birthday weekend. I'm hosting a birthday brunch on Sunday, will take time for a coffee break, I'll be wearing my new marinière top, start reading up on Paris - counting the days until my next trip in May - take a nap or two and stroll through the archives of my new blog love. Happy weekend y'all! 

Spring clothes


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I have nothing to wear... Sounds familiar? Think I might go shopping later today... It's almost my birthday, so I deserve a special outfit. No?

La flâneuse... Lucy Chadwick


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Gallerista Lucy Chadwick has it. Based in NY, but born in London town - she combines British quirkiness (those cool cat eye glasses!) and American tomboy style. She loves wearing jeans, a simple white shirt, chunky knits and wears her hair in a messy top knot. Clean, simple, effortless and never overdone. I would love to have her wardrobe...

The Selby made a film of her in her Brooklyn home and upstate refuge - a converted barn - for ZARA, click here.

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