Kitchen krazy


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If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I like to cook, try out new recipes and love to discover food blogs. So two years ago, when I bought my apartment, I thought a lot about what my perfect kitchen would look like. The kitchen area is rather small, so had to be designed ultra-practical. I chose for white kitchen cabinets with drawers and a light oak worktop. My pots and pans, tableware and provisions just about fit - a good reason not to buy more cute plates and bowls. 
Now it's time for part two of the kitchen renovation: the walls above the cabinets were left bare and I would love to put up some shelving and a magnetic knife rack, paint the walls a dramatic colour as backdrop, install better lighting and get a marble tray to display kitchen utensils. The pictured kitchens all have elements I would love to incorporate in mine: a great use of colour, an interesting copper pot rack, herb plants and a collection of chopping boards. Time to go shopping - to be continued...

Diamanti per tutti


70percentpure by Stephanie Duval - take a peek behind the scenes
A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Belgian lifestyle blogger Stephanie Duval for a dinner party. She was hosting an intimate soirée for her favourite bloggers to celebrate the jewelry line she created for Antwerp brand Diamanti per tutti. Normally I'm not easily persuaded to attend blogger events, but I really wanted to meet Stephanie and was curious to get to know the people behind the brand. 
And I didn't regret it... Not only did I have a nice chat with Stephanie and the sweet people from Diamanti per tutti - I ate some great food freshly made for us by food blogger Louise and got to know my fellow Belgian bloggers. The dinner took place in the Diamanti-shop and when all of the tarte tatin was eaten, we got to try on all the jewels in the store. Diamonds everywhere, like a dream come true... This brand knows their stuff: modern designs without a hefty price tag, each jewel is handset with certified authentic diamonds and all diamonds are conflict free.  
Check out their e-shop, or better yet visit their store and try on the goodies. Love at first sight for sure - my new diamond moon ring hasn't left my finger since I got it...

Thanks again Stephanie, Edward, Steph and Floris for the invitation - and for the beautiful diamond ring you gifted me!

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