Weekend wanderlust


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This weekend is all about having some time off. No cell phone, internet or other distractions. Just me, myself and I. Sounds selfish? Hell yeah! How about a cooking experiment - this spread looks delicious. Or a fun DIY-project? Always wanted a stack of colourful bracelets. And this Venice beach house has me pinning like mad. My future weekend getaway (a girl can dream, can't she?) has to look just like it...

Hermine Van Dijck


photos via Hermine, last picture via Eefje
Two weeks ago I went to the exhibition Sovperiod with Eefje, one of the three artists showing their work. I felt so inspired by the art on show that I decided to buy something from all three of them. First up, textile designer Hermine Van Dijck. I loved her round cushions and bought one with silver thread, bright orange and blue. She also makes the most beautiful, intricate wool blankets with geometric patterns. Make sure to take a look at her blog to see more of her work and what inspires her.

La marinière


photos via pinterest
Stripes are slowly taking over my wardrobe. It started with a single pile of striped shirts, now there are three. And they didn't leave it at that - they're also hiding in the sock drawer and among my sweaters. I can't seem to leave a boutique without buying at least one item with stripes. The fact that there are blogs dedicated on the marinière isn't helping the matter...

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