Green fingers


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green fingers noungreen thumb: considerable talent or ability to grow plants

No such talent here. But over the years I figured out that succulents are very hard to mess up. They are happy with a little bit of water every once in a while. And since my apartment is very light - they grow and grow, slowly taking over my window sills. No garden or balcony, but a bit of a jungle indoors. 

Blog love: April and May


Every once in a while you come across a blog that has you clicking the pin-button like mad. When I stumbled upon  Dutch blog April and May, that's exactly what happened. Their design aesthetic is very similar to mine and I found a lot of ideas on their blog that I want to try at home. For those among you with a mini-me: check out their MINI-blog with cool ideas for the kids' room. On my blogroll from now on!



Just spent a couple of days wandering through the streets of Paris. The sun was shining (well, most of the time anyway), I ate some great food and bought a lot of stuff. Like sunglasses, a great novel and vibrant nail polish. I'm working on a list of all my favourite Paris spots, so to be continued...

Thanks for all of you who voted for my blog in the Weekend Blog Awards! I didn't win in my category, but am very happy to have gotten this far. Knowing that so many people love reading my blog, gives me the energy to continue sharing my likes & loves with you.

Weekend wanderlust


Weekend! Time to kick back and relax after a busy week. Time to get inspired by Kristofer Johnson - love his interior photos. Time to cook lots of fresh food, like this nutty couscous salad and this lentil salad with haloumi from What Katie Ate. Time to wander and think about booking another city trip - while reading these city guides. Maybe Copenhagen? And time to finally finish reading this book, just in time for the release of the much anticipated movie. 

PS/ If you have some time this weekend, please vote for my blog. I'm nominated for a Weekend Blog Award!

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