Galerie Vivienne


I'm preparing another trip to Paris as we speak and my little blackbook is getting filled with places to see, bistros to eat and shops to... well, shop. One of the discoveries I made last year, was Galerie Vivienne. This beautiful shopping arcade in the 2th arrondissement is a haven of tranquility. Open since 1826, today the galerie still exudes grandeur with its mosaic floors, glass ceilings and hand carved ornaments. Enjoy a cup of tea chez A Priori Thé, browse through the postcards at the book shop or admire the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier in his shop at numéro 6.
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Winter wonderland


Nice thought found via pennyweight. This weekend will be filled with long walks,
hot chocolate & apple crumble.

Blog love... Coffeeklatch


Found a great website this weekend and I'm happy to share it with you. Coffeeklatch is founded by Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen, two creative masterminds from Belgium. They visit intriguing people to drink a cup of coffee together and talk about the way they life live. The result: interesting conversations and beautiful pictures of their unique houses. The site is written in Dutch, but feel free to google translate...

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