Weekend wanderlust


Because the weekend days are the best days, here's a list of fun stuff to do and check out over the next 48 hours. Enjoy your time off!

1/dream of owning your very own previously owned Delvaux handbag at Labellov
2/get comfy and watch an old black&white movie - download for free at BNWmovies
3/help me pick out a new sofa at Skandium - could this be the one? - choose something for your own home while you're at it
4/countdown to Christmas celebrations and nothing to wear: the perfect dress waits for you at La Garçonne

Gift guide


't Is the season... time to go gift shopping. Here are some of my all time favourites:
a warm plaid scarf from J. Crew - a nice cookbook, French cuisine made easy by Rachel Khoo - a new perfume for a new year, from Philosophy - a pair of wool socks by Donna Wilson - a Christmas candle by French perfumer Diptyque - an ugly doll for the little ones -  a set of festive earrings by Belgian designers Wouters & Hendrix - a bright red lipstick by Chanel - a box of Scrabble for family fun - a dvd box set with the final season of The Killing - a cast iron candle holder by Iitala - and to wrap the presents to perfection: free printable gift tags from Poppy Talk



Feel a bit of apartment envy while looking at the pictures of this Paris flat. Clarisse Demory decorated her French home with muted colours, giving the rooms an airy feel.  The photos she took of other people's houses in the series 'Inside their home' have the same effect - maybe I could save up for a beach house to decorate? More inspiration on her blog!

Weekend wanderlust


Because the weekend days are the best days, here's a list of fun stuff to do and check out over the next 48 hours. Enjoy your time off!
1/check out the new Humanoid collection - I feel a bit of a shopping spree coming up  2/get inspired by the quotes at this site  3/start dreaming about your next citytrip and consider staying at Bunk Hostel in Istanbul  4/indulge in a guilty pleasure and make croissants aux amandes for breakfast - a great way to start your day

Les Voguettes


*superstylish breed of French women who work at style bible no. 1 and have a closet full of pretty things

As a treat I booked myself and a friend a long getaway in Paris at the end of the month. And guess who'll be my fashion inspiration while packing my suitcase? Les Voguettes aka Emmanuelle Alt, Géraldine Saglio and Anastasia Barbieri. Skinny jeans, high heels and shirts are mandatory. Still on the shopping list: the perfect leather jacket. Perhaps this is the one?

Wishful thinking


I wish my absence on the blog was due to me travelling the seven seas, sipping on a mojito. But helas, I've been cooped up inside my apartment hoping for better weather and hot summerdays, instead of yet another day of rain. I wish I was packing my suitcases right now, before flighing to a remote sunny beach for some well-deserved R&R. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But a girl can dream, can't she?
photo via a pair & a spare

Hello sunshine


Love this editorial from Tank Magazine - it captures the spirit I'm in when 
the sun shines perfectly.

Bisou de Paris


French connection


In 3 days time I'll be in Paris for a well-deserved break. Reservations have been made, my little black book is filled with adresses to check out and according to the weather forecast the sun will be shining non-stop. Only thing left to do: packing my bag!


click to enlarge - photos via apc, petit bateau, mih jeans, isabel marant, tom ford sunglasses, marais usa, mango & l'oréal

Le brunch


One of my favourite passtimes during the weekend, is having a lazy Sunday brunch. At home or in a nice coffee bar in town. Fresh juice, eggs, fruit salad, pancakes and more. So when I invited my family over this weekend to celebrate my birthday, we did exactly that. My dining room table was packed with delicious stuff. I made a mouthwatering banana smoothie, a fresh fruit salad with strawberries and American pancakes with maple syrup. C'était délicieux!

Sunday blues


Spending my Sunday at home with a stack of homemade pancakes for breakfast, the new issue of The Gentlewoman for company and a new dvd to end a perfect lazy day. See you on Monday!

click to enlarge

Galerie Vivienne


I'm preparing another trip to Paris as we speak and my little blackbook is getting filled with places to see, bistros to eat and shops to... well, shop. One of the discoveries I made last year, was Galerie Vivienne. This beautiful shopping arcade in the 2th arrondissement is a haven of tranquility. Open since 1826, today the galerie still exudes grandeur with its mosaic floors, glass ceilings and hand carved ornaments. Enjoy a cup of tea chez A Priori Thé, browse through the postcards at the book shop or admire the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier in his shop at numéro 6.
click to enlarge

Winter wonderland


Nice thought found via pennyweight. This weekend will be filled with long walks,
hot chocolate & apple crumble.

Blog love... Coffeeklatch


Found a great website this weekend and I'm happy to share it with you. Coffeeklatch is founded by Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen, two creative masterminds from Belgium. They visit intriguing people to drink a cup of coffee together and talk about the way they life live. The result: interesting conversations and beautiful pictures of their unique houses. The site is written in Dutch, but feel free to google translate...

click to enlarge

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