Tomorrow I'll be flying to Tuscany for some time off in heaven. A beautiful holiday home, great company, delicious food, charming Italians, idyllic landscapes and sunshine. Ciao!

photos via lifeslittleluxuries - the blog of my BFF and travel companion

It Mylk


I'm an ice cream girl. A perfect hot summer day isn't complete without a scoop or two. Ben&Jerry's have stood by me in sickness and in health. Haägen-Dazs and Magnum were there to celebrate good times and the Australians are just around the corner for a quick pick-me-up. Even abroad, I'm always on the lookout for the best frozen creams. 
In Paris you can eat all the ice you want without feeling guilty. It Mylk sells all kinds of frozen yoghurt, milkshakes and cheesecake. You can have your pick topped with fresh fruit, mini macarons or chocolates. All products are homemade with natural ingredients and contain almost no calories. Second serving anyone?

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